Hamedan Board of Representatives Meeting with Mr. Gholamhosein Shafeii, President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mine and Agriculture

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Mr. Shafei in a meeting with Hamedan board of representatives, said that Hamedan chamber of commerce has a special attention to essential issues and its program-centered approach represents that they are aiming to achieve exaltation of private sections.

In a meeting which was hold on 11th of Dey, mentioning that Hamedan has the greatest number of provincial organizations in the country, Mr. Shafeii said: Hamedan has the first rank in developing the culture of forming prudential organizations which is something to be proud of.

He also added that “The effort of president and board of representatives of HCCIM in constructing a glorious building which is supposed to be an appropriate place for economic activists is so admirable and we will definitely cooperate with them to complete the project. This influential movement will be a valuable investment for the private section of the province.”

He added that they are solving Social Security Organization related problems which are blocking economic activists’ path. He also added that solving these problems may pave the way for the economic activists.

Mentioning the future elections of all the chambers of commerce of the country, he said that “we expect the candidates to be aware of the value that they are supposed to bring to the chambers. We don’t want to have members that want to spend the credit of the Chamber for themselves and for their own interests. We are all expected to move toward bringing credit and value for this organization”.

Mr. Shafeii added that the problems related to industry is so deep-rooted and they won’t be easily solved and unless these problems are not solved, the production related problems won’t be solved as well. We also need to investigate why the investment rate was 0 in the last 10 years.