Meeting of the Chairman and Business Board of Hamedan Chamber of Commerce with the Minister plenipotentiary and the Economic Counselor of the Croatian Embassy

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Welcoming Chairman and Business Board of Hamedan Chamber of Commerce, the Croatian Economic Adviser noted that the Croatian Ambassador Drago Stambog handed brochures and catalogs of companies interested in operating in Croatia to the Economic Advisor's Office for review to be followed up.

Ali Asghar Zabrdast, Chairman of the Hamedan Chamber, while introducing the present members at the meeting and their field of activity, emphasized that a large number of economic activists in the province are interested in investing in and exporting to Croatia.

Then Mr. Loncar noted that in terms of agriculture, a part of Croatia called Slovenia is very strong and supplies European agricultural products. Croatia has many uninhabited islands and has been ranked as a tourist destination in recent years, with more than 10 billion euros in foreign exchange earnings in 2019. He also added "Agricultural industries are active in the north of Croatia, tourism is active in south of Croatia and manufacturing industries related to wood and steel are active in the center of Croatia, besides, Zagreb is very strong in industries that can support north of the country". He also mentioned that Croatia's ship building industry is very strong but on the other hand due to the low number steel factories in Croatia, further cooperation is needed. There's a good potential for food industry exportation to this country as well. He also added that construction industry is another appropriate field for exportation to and investment in Croatia.

Mr. Manafi, head of Hamedan's export and import community, mentioned the potentials of agricultural and green house productions of Hamedan.

Mr. Tootoonchian, a member of the board of representatives and the CEO of Sahar food industry Co., presenting the company's productions, brochures, catalogs and samples announced that they have active and registered offices in Russia and England that both produce and pack the productions as well so they are ready to further investments, importations and exports if the required prerequisites are available. He added that there are three advantages relating to presence of Sahar food production in Croatia in comparison to other companies; lower price of Sahar productions due to low price of energy, human resources and appropriate climate conditions in Iran.

Following that, Mr. Zareei, other member of the board of representatives and the CEO of Zobrizan Co., presenting their field of productions related to car parts manufacturing, water supply facilities and smart meter production, announced that their ready to have any cooperation with Croatia from design to production process.

Then Mr. Mirabian, CEO of Brace concrete industries, mentioned that they are ready to have cooperation in the fields related to roads and railways production. He also talked about national rules and regulations of Iran about investment area.

Mentioning speeches of those present at the meeting, Loncar said Croatia has a good potential to be invested in and to be exported to. Then he talked about international opportunities that are going to be available for Croatia as a Schengen zone member.

In the end, Mr. Zebardast, inviting the Minister plenipotentiary to visit Hamedan and to get acquainted with the province industries, mentioned that the presence of Hamedan’s economic activists in Croatia is being planned and the entire regulations of investment, company registration and financial considerations are going to be received an announced to investors to have more investigations about the process.